Village School

North Rigton CofE Primary School

The early education of children in the parish was in the Sunday school which was located in a small building at the bottom of Crag Lane. It was established in 1769 by the Rector of Kirkby Overblow and the Earl of Harewood.

In 1851 a new national school was built in the village at the expense of the Earl of Harewood, Lord of the Manor, and the Rev. Henry Blunt, the rector of the Parish of Kirby Overblow. Mrs Blunt paid for the teacher's house alongside the school

The school has been extensively extended and refurbished over the years with the addition of classrooms and upstairs space, to enable the large classroom to the front of the building the be used as a hall and dining room. The school now has 4 classrooms.

In 2017 the school became an academy school and joined the Yorkshire Causeway Schools Trust. (YCST)

In 2018 the school, together with All Saints, Kirkby Overblow CofE School entered a collaboration with a shared Headteacher. The partnership is known as The Fellowsjhip of All Saints Kirkby Overblow and North Rigton CofE Primary Schools.