North Rigton Village News April/May 2019


Our play area needs some major repair work to be carried out. Our aim is to help the Parish Council to carry out these repairs and further develop the recreation facilities in the village garden

Prizes from £25 to £25,000

Register and support our fund-raising, go to:

  • Support a specific cause
  • Almscliffe Villages Community Association
  • Go to Cause page
  • Buy your tickets

We look forward to receiving your support.

John Hopkins


North Rigton

The event this year will be on Saturday 15th June

We will once more hold a Flowerpot Fiesta running up to the weekend which will give you the opportunity to be creative with plant pots, or simply get involved by buying a map and following the trail through the village.

On Saturday 15th June the day will begin at 2.00 pm in the School playing field on Church Hill with sports, football, rounders and races for people of all ages to enjoy.

After these events on the playing field we will transfer to the Village Garden where there will be stalls, teas and cakes, games and entertainment.

Here the prizes for the Sports will be announced, together with the winning entry in the Flowerpot Fiesta.

The licenced Bar will begin the Evening Celebrations with a disco and dancing. A hot meal will be served from 6.00 pm to 7.30 pm.

All are Welcome.

So why not put the date in your diaries and join in with a day of fun, games for all your family and friends and an opportunity for our community to get together.

Look out for the application forms for the Flowerpots and further details of times and prices on the Village Notice Board and on the Parish Web site

We are always looking more volunteers to join our enthusiastic team leaders, it’s a great way to get to know people.

Please get in touch and GET INVOLVED.

Mary Hopkins –

North Rigton Parish Council

Rubbish collections – re-cycling bins

The Parish Council has received a number of complaints about rubbish from re-cycling bins littering the roads and pavements in the Parish. It is recognised that the bins provided do not help in retaining the plastic, paper and cardboard etc in the bins, and even the lightest of winds has the unwanted effect of distributing the rubbish everywhere. It would be much appreciated therefore, if residents could anchor the waste sacks on the top with a brick or something similar and ensure that glass bottles are placed so that they do not roll out onto the footpath or road.

Parishioners will be aware of and share, the concerns the Parish Council has, over the speed of traffic throughout the Parish. It is pleasing to learn therefore, that NYCC is changing its policy over the deployment of Vehicle Activated Signs (VAS) and from April will allow Parish Councils to fund and erect these flashing signs at authorised locations. The Parish Council is actively considering this option, but at a cost of some £2,500 per unit, it is likely a further fundraising activity will need to be undertaken to support this initiative.

Road markings

Following pressure from the Parish Council, it is pleasing to note that NYCC has now re-painted the white lines and demarcations throughout the village. The red surfaces are, however not being replaced.

The Local Lotto
The Parish Council would like to thank those individuals who are already supporting the Almscliffe Villages Community Association project and joined the local HBC Lottery. The funds raised are earmarked to replace the damaged play equipment in the Village Garden. Significant funds will be required to complete this project, some of which will be provided by the Parish Council. However the more people who join the scheme and buy lottery tickets, the quicker we will be able to undertake the project.

Parish website
Just to remind all residents that descriptions and links to all new planning applications continue to be uploaded to the website when received. You will therefore have the opportunity to review any applications which are of interest and comment accordingly before HBC Planning comes to a decision.
All parishioners are again encouraged to register on the website. This will enable improved communication, both to and from, as the site is developed further over the coming months.  
The website address is:-

Mike Richards
Parish Clerk

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