Time for action on traffic using North Rigton as a Harrogate bypass

The quiet enjoyment of rural life and the safety of residents of North Rigton is compromised on a daily basis by high volumes of traffic seeking a fast short-cut to avoid congestion in Harrogate. The issue is particularly severe in the morning and early evening rush hours.

Your Parish Council believe that traffic is the biggest single issue facing our community and is calling on North Yorkshire County Council (who are responsible for all roads) and North Yorkshire Police to take actions to introduce safety factors that will improve the environment of the village and the risks posed by speeding vehicles.

Click here to see a letter setting out our concerns to the Road Safety Lead on North Yorkshire County Council, Don Mackenzie. Copies have also been sent to Police Chief Constable, Dave Jones, the North Yorkshire Crime Commissioner, Julia Mullins, the Harrogate BC Councillor responsible for North Rigton, Stanley Lumley and our MP, Julian Smith.

Harrogate BC’s Plan for New Homes will make matters worseThe thousands of new homes that Harrogate BC is planning to the south and west of the town will inevitably come with thousands more cars, vans and commercial vehicles. North Rigton will become a rural motorway for through traffic rather than a rural village.


On Traffic:
If you feel strongly about the traffic issues affecting North Rigton then please do send a short e-mail expressing your concerns and supporting the parish councils call for action to the following:

North Yorkshire County Council Road Safety Lead: cllr.don.mackenzie@harrogate.gov.uk
Harrogate BC Councillor for North Rigton: Stanley.lumley@harrogate.gov.uk
North Yorkshire Police Chief Constable:  dave.jones@northyorkshire.pnn.police.uk
Our member of Parliament: julian.smith.mp@parliament.uk

On the Harrogate BC Local Plan:
Make your views known about the high number or sites and houses planned to the west and south west of Harrogate that will add to the traffic issues we face on a daily basis by telling Harrogate BC your concerns by letter or by using the consultation service on their web site. You can view the plan and comment on:http://consult.harrogate.gov.uk/

Please forward this e-mail to others in the village:
The more individual residents of North Rigton make their voices heard the more likely North Yorkshire County Council, the police and HBC are to take notice and take action. Please help us to prevent speeding traffic blighting our village community and the safety of all who live here.

Steve Young
North Rigton Parish Council

Your Parish Council URGES You To Get Involved And Respond

Draft Local Plan: Additional Sites Consultation 2017 will be available to view and comment between the following dates:

Start date: 14/07/17 09:00
End date: 25/08/17 16:30

The following have been increased in area and numbers of dwellings and will add to the through traffic problems in North Rigton:


H49 – Windmill Farm, Otley Road, increased from 722 to 776 dwellings
H70 – Whinney Lane – increased from 183 to 230 dwellings.

Total increase: +101 dwellings

Please follow the link

Briscoe Wood Open Day – 15th July

Briscoe Wood is a beautiful, young, 16 acre woodland now managed by a small community group.

Join us for the afternoon (12pm – 6pm) to explore the wood, enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and beautiful views and find out more about how you can be involved in caring for Briscoe for both people and wildlife.

Bring a rug, a picnic and your family and friends!

Public Meeting – Tuesday 20 June 2017

Public Meeting
Tuesday 20 June 2017
Ashville College, Soothill Hall Auditorium, Green Lane, Harrogate. 
at 7.00pm
Your Parish Council is concerned that  planned housing developments proposed by Harrogate Borough Council will make traffic through our village, worse.
If you are concerned 
Come along to Ashville School on June 20th and make your voice heard at a meeting involving all the local Parish Councils and Residents’ Associations. The meeting is to discuss the draft proposals in the Harrogate Local Plan.
Representatives of the Borough Council and the County Council will be present to listen to and respond to the views of all interested parties. 
(see the Local Plan Info for facts and figures on the Local Plan)

Annual Litter Pick



Saturday 18 & Sunday 19 March 2017

We are aware that many of you clear the litter from around the village and your local area throughout the year and once more we ask for volunteers for this litter picking event, within the village and along the approaches to the village.
We have had this dedicated weekend for the past 5 years and it has been most successful. Parents, grandparents and children, getting involved to care for our environment.

You can help by giving an hour of your time on either of the two designated dates.

All the necessary equipment is provided, gloves, pickers and rubbish bags.

Please contact: Barbara Massey 01423 733141 or simply turn up:

Teams meet at the War Memorial at 10am each morning.