North Rigton Village News February/March 2019

Christmas Dinner

The annual Christmas Dinner marked the kick-off to the festive season for many of us. The Square and Compass was once again the venue and the scene was certainly set for a good evening for friends old and new. A reception drink was followed by a three course Christmas meal served by the capable staff, nothing was too much trouble. This year, Mary Hopkins got a grip on the drink-based 12 Days of Christmas singing by handing out printed words, so that went better than usual (but it wasn’t as funny, Mary).  There was a Secret Santa Lucky Dip with random prizes, a bit like Tinsel Russian roulette. Thank you to all those who attended to make it such a jolly occasion.

Barbara Massey

North Rigton Carol Singing
Sunday 16th December

On Sunday 16th December, the village held its fifth carol singing evening, starting in the village garden. The villagers turned out in force, again, to have a good sing song and generate some Christmas spirit. Father Christmas joined us; delighting the children when he opened his sack and produced some presents. Following some more carolling down by the stocks, we eventually retired to a busy Square and Compass, where a couple of final carols were sung, much to the delight of the unsuspecting drinkers and diners.
A good night was had by all!

Tim Bennett

Almscliffe Villages Community Association
Christmas Quiz 2018

Many thanks to everyone who bought a quiz this year. We have raised over £100, a record. We also had a record number of completed quizzes.

The results are as follows:

1st prize with 59 correct answers       Peter & Val Frankland

2nd prize with 57 correct answers      Huw Edwards

3rd prize with 56 correct answers       Kate London

In fact 4 entries tied for 3rd place, Kate London winning on a tie break.

John Hopkins

Almscliffe Villages Community Association.

The installation of the water supply and sink unit in the church is complete, except for a splash-back and adjustments to the electric plug sockets, which will be undertaken shortly.
Many thanks to the Parish and Borough councils and the committee for their support in completing this project.

Our Christmas Quiz raised over £100 this year, with a record number of quizzes bought and solutions submitted, thanks to all who supported the event especially those who sold the quizzes.

We are supporting the Parish Council in the repair, maintenance and development of the play equipment in the village garden. To this end we have joined the Local Lotto. If you have used the Garden Play Area to entertain your children or grandchildren I would urge you to consider helping us by buying tickets and supporting the Almscliffe Villages Community Association as outlined elsewhere in this Parish News.

Remember by signing up to the North Rigton Village web site, ,you can ensure that you get early warning of events in and around the village.

Look out for our Quiz Night at the Church in the Spring.
Come and make up a team on the night or bring your own team.

John Hopkins.


Litter Picking:
Saturday 16th & Sunday 17th March 2019

Once more we call for volunteers, individuals, families, children, for litter picking along the approaches to the village.

Believe it or not, such a simple task, when carried out with a group of neighbours or families can be great fun, so why not give it a try and come along and join in?

We concentrate our collection on the village and the four approach roads, but in recent years a number of residents who live in the Parish, beyond the main residential areas, have joined us for litter collection in areas nearer to their homes, a great bonus.

We have carried out this task for the last six years, and we are still amazed at the variety of objects we find, the inevitable car parts, milk cartons, beer cans, coffee cups and vodka bottles but we are constantly surprised by our finds!

Our results are very visible as we stack the collected rubbish on the village green for collection by HBC on the following Monday, and for a short time our village and parish environment is pristine.

All the necessary equipment is provided, gloves, pickers and rubbish bags.

We need YOUR help!

To volunteer please contact Barbara Massey 01423 733141 or simply turn up.

Teams meet at the War Memorial at 10am each morning

Mary Hopkins


The LOCAL LOTTO for the Harrogate District is a fun and effective way for our community to raise funds.

Our aim is to carry out major repairs to the play area and further develop the recreation facilities in North Rigton’s village garden.

We need your help!          

Support our local Cause, prizes from £25 to £25,000

50% of sales are allocated to us – our “Good Cause”

Plus 10% goes to the General Fund for other good causes

Tickets only £1 per week

To register and support our fund-raising, go to:

  • Buy tickets
  • Support a specific cause
  • Almscliffe Villages Community Association
  • Go to Cause page
  • Buy your tickets

 Thank you in anticipation of your support, and good luck.




North Rigton Parish Council

Water issues
The Parish Council is now pleased to report that following combined action between the Parish Council and a local resident, the problem of the flooding on Brackenwell Lane and Church Hill appears to have been resolved. The heavy rain before Christmas did not bring about a recurrence, but the position will continue to be monitored and a report back to NYCC will be made if necessary. The water problems on Brackenwell Lane are still to be addressed.

Salt/Grit bins
NYCC has carried out a review of the salt bins in the Parish and has concluded that the bins on Brackenwell Lane and Almscliffe Garth no longer meet the criteria for inclusion in its maintenance/replenishment programme. Accordingly, it proposes to remove these bins in the near future. The Parish Council however, does not accept the findings of the review and is seeking further clarification from NYCC to justify the removal. Should the Parish Council’s protest not succeed, it will fall to the Parish Council to acquire bins and also meet the cost of the supply of salt – a further drain on its scarce resources!

Village Garden – HBC “Lotto”
Please note that some of the play equipment in the Garden is damaged and should be used with care. Furthermore, much of the equipment will need to replaced, at considerable cost, way beyond the capability of existing Parish funds. To this end, the Parish Council is very grateful for the offer from Almscliffe Villages Community Association, for the play equipment repairs to be designated as a “project”, thus meeting the conditions for inclusion in Harrogate Borough Council’s “Lotto” scheme. This initiative will provide for 50% of all Lotto sales to be allocated to this “Good Cause”.  A leaflet is being circulated throughout the Parish explaining how to register for the Lotto and thereby support fund-raising for this worthy cause (and also stand a chance of winning £25,000!)

Parish Precept
In the financial year 2019/2020, the Parish Council is facing significant increased expenditure in several areas, other than those mentioned above.  Substantial costs are expected in the proposed initiative to improve road safety by the purchase of Vehicle Activated Signs (now approved by NYCC, but to be purchased by parish councils, at a cost of some £1500 each) Whilst the Parish Council does have a small level of reserves, this is not anyway near sufficient to meet these increased costs, so reluctantly they will be requesting an increase in the precept similar to last year.

Parish website
Just to remind all residents that descriptions and  links to all new planning applications continue to be uploaded to the website when received. You therefore have the opportunity to review any applications which are of interest and comment accordingly before HBC Planning comes to a decision.
All parishioners are again encouraged to register on the website. This will enable improved communication, both to and from, as the site is developed further over the coming months.  
The website address is:-

Mike Richards
Parish Clerk

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