North Rigton Village News April/May 2018

Christingle at St John’s Church
January 2018

What a great turn out to the Family Christingle Service at St John’s Church on 28 January. Thank you to those that were able to attend this joyous occasion. The children took great pleasure in decorating their Christingles with a red ribbon, sweets and candle. The lighting of the candles created a magical glow for all to enjoy.
As always, Rev. Stuart Lewis led an interactive service that enabled everyone to enjoy the warmth and vibrancy of this special occasion. Thank you to all involved in the preparation, readings and refreshments.
New members are always welcome to join our friendly church.

Charlotte Clarke

February 2018

On Sunday 25th February we had a wonderful family service at St Johns, North Rigton. It was great to meet up with so many villagers here for our “Hearts and Hats” event. We had lots of inspired creations on display (from both the children and the adults!). Reverend Stuart Lewis gave us a moving sermon about how God will always love us and then we finished off with coffee, heart biscuits and a good old chat with friends new and old. We are looking forward to the Palm Sunday service when we should be joined by Doodles the Donkey!!

Francesca Jenkinson

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Parish Council News
Annual Parish Meeting

The Annual Parish Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday 9 May, commencing at 7.00pm, at the Village School. This is the opportunity for all parishioners to question your Councillors on what has been happening in the Parish over the last year and also to raise any issues you may have and request action be taken if appropriate.
Parishioners are encouraged to attend!!

HBC Local Plan
Harrogate Borough Council’s consultation process on its Local Plan concluded on 9 March. All local Parish Councils, affected by its proposals, have submitted responses.  North Rigton’s response, framed along the lines of the flyer, recently circulated to all residents, specified that the Plan was:
1) Not sustainable – due to lack of suitable rail or bus transport and was therefore heavily road dependent.
2) Not justified – does not accord with Government guidelines on the number of new homes required per annum (395 as against the 669 specified in the Plan)
3) Not deliverable – claims of 40% of the new homes being “affordable” is highly questionable given that house prices in Harrogate are currently 35% higher than the North Yorkshire average.
4) Not compliant – the public consultation stages have only been an “exercise” and little has changed from the original ill-conceived plan which was rejected by the Planning Inspector.
The outcome of the consultation and final status of the Plan is awaited.

Traffic and speeding
A further speed and traffic monitoring exercise has recently been undertaken on Rigton Hill, which confirmed the excessive volume and speed of traffic through the village. The Parish Council is continuing to press for the introduction of traffic calming measures.
Parish Council elections
Parish Council elections are due to be held on 3 May. If any parishioner is interested in standing for election, please contact the Parish Clerk ( for further information, or go to the HBC website.

Report on dog fouling
Please see below a report from a local resident.
“Despite the Parish Council putting in place several litter bins around the village, some inconsiderate dog owners are still allowing their dogs to spoil our environment.
Fouling has been reported on the grass verges, notably outside the church, on the narrow footpath alongside the village school, and even on the footpaths which go through gardens!
The other problem appears to be dog owners who bag the fouling but then leave it beside the styles and gateways!
Who are they?
Why do they not care about our village?
Who do they think will remove this waste and these waste bags?”
It would be very much appreciated if dog owners guilty of the above could be more considerate and have better regard for others”.
Parish website
Please note that descriptions and links to all planning applications are now being uploaded to the website when received. You will therefore have the opportunity to review any applications which are of interest and comment accordingly before HBC Planning comes to a decision.
All parishioners are again encouraged to register on the website. This will enable improved communication, both to and from, as the site is developed further over the coming months.  
The website address is:-

Mike Richards
Parish Clerk