Church Services List

Everyone is welcome at any of the services.
Following is the usual monthly schedule, however please check the appropriate bi-monthly services list below for actual services.

1st Sunday of the month – No service at St. John’s, but a joint North Rigton and Weeton Family Service is held at St. Barnabas, Weeton.
2nd Sunday of the month – Parish Eucharist   9.30am
3rd Sunday of the month – Celtic Morning Prayer   9.30am
4th Sunday of the month – Family Communion   9.30am
5th Sunday of the month – Benefice service at one of the Benefice churches

Description of Services

Family Communion
A relaxed service for all the family, lasting just under an hour. It includes hymns, bible readings, a fun sermon and prayers. Complimentary refreshments served after the service.

Parish Eucharist
This service includes hymns, bible readings, a sermon and prayers. It is most suitable for older children and adults and lasts approximately 1 hour. Refreshments are served after the service.

Celtic Worship
This is a relaxed, informal, family friendly service. It includes hymns and bible readings.
Celtic Morning Worship offers a short Reflection, rather than a traditional Sermon, followed by a chance to sit quietly for a few moments to think and pray. Children are offered active roles within the service and it lasts approximately 40 minutes.

Click a link below for the list of services for churches within the Benefice of Lower Wharfedale.

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