Brackenwell Lane Planning Application

To all residents and interested parties:

A new submission for the two houses on Brackenwell Lane has been submitted.
This revision was submitted to the planning department at HBC on 17th December 2020.
The Parish Council has not been informed of the new submission.
Furthermore, we believe that people who submitted objections have not been informed of the new submission.
It appears that the objections submitted on the original application, regarding large vehicles being able to turn around in the Lane, have been considered, resulting in the revised application.
It is the view of the Parish Council that all interested parties should have been notified of this revised application.

If you haven’t been informed by the HBC planning department, please register a complaint:

The revisions will not address the major problem of parking on Brackenwell Lane, and the proposed  allocation of two tandem parking places for each of the new properties, will in fact increase the problem of parking in the area.
The new design is out of keeping with the other properties in the area (a stated aim of the previous plans) and it will be even more intrusive on the adjacent properties.
You can find the details on this link:
Please register your comments as soon as possible, as the weight and volume of objections is the best way of persuading the Planning Department to turn down the application.

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