North Rigton Parish Council is aware of residents’ concern over the possibility of the 5 HBC owned garages on Brackenwell Lane, being demolished to permit the building of a terrace of three dwellings. Indeed the matter was discussed in detail at the Annual Parish Meeting on 1 May, at which 22 residents were present, along with the Parish Council, HBC Councillor Victoria Oldham and NYCC Cllr Stanley Lumley.
At the meeting, Cllr Oldham confirmed that no decision had been taken to proceed with the development,  it was merely that this site, along with others, had been identified as a possibility for housing development. She also confirmed that there were no plans to demolish the adjacent bungalow, even if the development went ahead. Residents expressed their concerns over several issues, but particularly at what they see as an inevitable increase in car parking congestion on a street which is currently overcrowded, with access for emergency vehicles a particular worry. 
The Parish Council is well aware of all these concerns and will respond to HBC, with the resident’s concerns in mind, via the normal consultation process. The Parish Council urged the residents also to respond, as individuals, should a formal planning application be submitted by HBC. Until such time as a planning application is made, commenting on, or objecting to, a potential future scenario is unlikely to have any effect.

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