Parish Council Meetings & Covid 19

Parish Council meetings are normally held in the Village School on the first Wednesday of alternate months, except for August. Due to current Covid-19 restrictions, this is not possible for the foreseeable future. In order to continue to fulfill our responsibilities to the community, the Parish Council has decided (and in line with government approved legislation) that meetings will now be held remotely via Zoom, until social distancing regulations are ended. The agenda for these meetings will normally be restricted to:
– Standing order items
– Finance – review of finances, approval of expenditure, internal audit
– Maintenance, Village Garden (Urgent items only)
– Covid-19 – any points to communicate/actions required, community support
– Planning – responses to applications received and review of decisions
Under normal circumstances residents are welcome to attend all meetings without the need for prior notification, but now anyone wishing to “attend” a meeting will need to notify the Parish Council at least 5 days prior to the meeting for access arrangements to be made. To gain access, contact the Parish Clerk via stating your interest.
NB The first of these remote meetings will be held on Wednesday 6th May, commencing at 7.30pm. Future remote meetings will be held on the first Wednesday of alternate months, all commencing at 7.30pm. In line with Government regulations, the Annual Parish Meeting will not now be held, until social distancing regulations are ended.

Brackenwell Lane Planning Application – Have Your Say


Set out below is the Parish Council’s response to the planning application, submitted by Harrogate Borough Council, to demolish the existing garage block and construct two 3-bedroom semi-detached houses.

Residents are encouraged to submit their own objections to the Borough Council, adding further weight to the Parish Council’s response.


The Parish Council strongly objects to the above planning application, and accordingly wishes to question and refute a number of the assertions in the Planning Application form and Design and Access Statement.

Section 9 – Vehicle Parking
Statement – Existing number of spaces – NIL
COMMENT – In addition to the garages themselves, 4 parking spaces are currently used in front of garages plus 2 on road. Therefore 6 parking spaces for existing residents will be removed and be replaced with 4 dedicated places for the properties. A loss of 6 places!
Rather than +4 places (as shown), the net effect is -6 places to those currently available. 4 spaces are for the exclusive use of the new properties.

Section 10 – Trees and Hedges
COMMENT – Three trees on the site are important to the local landscape. Their removal will have an impact, particularly the flooding problem (not recognised in Section 11) on Brackenwell Lane. The previous development (construction of one affordable house) removed 1 mature tree. This development will remove the remaining three trees. There is no space for replacement mature trees in the rear garden without completely overpowering the property behind.

Section 11 – Assessment of flood risk
Statement – absolutely no recognition of flood risk.
COMMENT – the flooding problems on Brackenwell Lane are a matter of fact, reported repeatedly (and investigated) by HBC, NYCC and Yorkshire Water.
NB – current flooding problems on Brackenwell Lane were reported to HBC’s Principal Engineer (Land Drainage), Mike Wickens, on 6 March 2020, by Cllr Victoria Oldham, on behalf of the Parish Council.
There is mention in the water survey of wells, but no indication of the problems and routes of underground water courses taking the drainage from these wells, plus the water drainage problem from the fields to the north. This frequently backs up and floods between the properties on the opposite side of the road. There is no mention of the problems with water collecting in the neighbouring gardens, especially No 19 Brackenwell Lane.


Section 14 – Waste storage
Planned to be at the front of the properties.
COMMENT – This is  inappropriate in this rural environment. All other properties in the area have their bin storage within the gardens.

Location and Sustainability
Statement: Brackenwell Lane….” with good access to major road networks, and a regular bus service connecting the village to neighbouring villages etc….”
There is NO bus service to the village. (This is tacitly acknowledged by the proposed provision of 2 parking spaces per new property in the application.)  North Rigton Parish Council have raised the issues of traffic volumes and speed in the village in the Local Plan;  the additional 4 vehicles will add to the problem as residents will almost certainly not work and definitely not shop in the village.

“underused garage block” …………………. No evidence of daily use……..used for storage……… Persons located outside of North Rigton…….. Do not envisage an adverse effect relating to parking on Brackenwell Lane.
Local residents use the garage spaces and the area in front for parking if they are unable to get their modern car into the garages.
Photos in the Design & Access Statement clearly show several existing cars on the street and using the area in front of the garages for parking as there is no room on road. Removal of the garages will add further pressure on the street parking and the development will further exacerbate existing problems as there is nowhere else for residents to park.

Statement: The existing access will remain
COMMENT  –  The existing access is being removed.

 … will complement the area.
COMMENTNot correct – all other properties have front gardens apart from the previous “affordable house” built by HBC.
Respect the local character – how?
In terms of location, the proposed properties are set forward from the existing properties. How will this complement  the area?

SAFETY: The development will mean that there will no longer be a turning circle for large vehicles entering Brackenwell Lane eg. bin lorries, LPG/Oil tankers, Emergency Vehicles. The residents who live at the end of the Lane already cannot turn their cars around in such a congested space; they therefore have to reverse into the entrance to the garages to undertake this action. With the loss of this turning space they may be faced with reversing the full length of Brackenwell Lane. This would heighten the danger to children and pedestrians. The width of the road already makes it necessary for large vehicles to drive over the pavement, with the consequent damage to the pavement and further risks for children.


The Parish Council has now received a planning application from Harrogate Borough Council to demolish the existing garage block and build two semi-detached houses. The application number is 20/00113/RG3. Access to the details of the application can be found by accessing the HBC website or through this link

If you are concerned about the proposed development, please respond as individuals rather than a group.
The Parish Council will be discussing the application and formulating a response and will be bearing in mind the statements and contributions made by residents at the Parish Council meeting in May 2019.


North Rigton Parish Council is aware of residents’ concern over the possibility of the 5 HBC owned garages on Brackenwell Lane, being demolished to permit the building of a terrace of three dwellings. Indeed the matter was discussed in detail at the Annual Parish Meeting on 1 May, at which 22 residents were present, along with the Parish Council, HBC Councillor Victoria Oldham and NYCC Cllr Stanley Lumley.
At the meeting, Cllr Oldham confirmed that no decision had been taken to proceed with the development,  it was merely that this site, along with others, had been identified as a possibility for housing development. She also confirmed that there were no plans to demolish the adjacent bungalow, even if the development went ahead. Residents expressed their concerns over several issues, but particularly at what they see as an inevitable increase in car parking congestion on a street which is currently overcrowded, with access for emergency vehicles a particular worry. 
The Parish Council is well aware of all these concerns and will respond to HBC, with the resident’s concerns in mind, via the normal consultation process. The Parish Council urged the residents also to respond, as individuals, should a formal planning application be submitted by HBC. Until such time as a planning application is made, commenting on, or objecting to, a potential future scenario is unlikely to have any effect.



You may be aware that the play equipment in the village garden is showing signs of wear. The wooden equipment will soon have to be removed as it does not appear to be cost-effective to repair.
The cost of repair & replacement cannot be met with grants, although we will be attempting to get funding, so the Parish Council will need to find the money to carry out this work.
Hopefully some funding will come from the Gala in June (15th) but we need to find additional sums.

Almscliffe Villages Community Association have agreed to help with the fund raising, and have been accepted and have joined The Local Lotto for this purpose, but we need your help with you taking part in the lotto.

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Encourage your friends and family to join in.

“The Guns Fell Silent” & “The Bells Rang” – 11th November 2018 – NOW SOLD OUT

An opportunity for everyone to join in with music and stories from the war years at a Community Event to commemorate and reflect upon 100 years since the end of World War 1

11th November 2018

6.00 pm to 7.30 pm 


St John’s Church, North Rigton.

Tickets:- NOW SOLD OUT!!


Download (PDF, 206KB)


The plan to upgrade the rural road through North Rigton to Beckwithshaw will make it more efficient at relieving traffic congestion caused by housing developments in the Harlow and Otley Road areas to the west of Harrogate. This is happening without notification by North Yorkshire Highways or consultation with your parish council. Increased traffic will impact the safety and environment of North Rigton. Please join us in objecting to these plans.

See the following flyer:

Download (PDF, 2.19MB)

The easiest way to respond is by downloading the Response Form, printing out, completing and sending to Harrogate Borough Council. Responses need to be received by Friday 9 March 2018. You can also respond through the Harrogate Borough Council website, but you might find using the forms easier.

Click here for the Response Form (Word format)

Click here for the Response Form (PDF format))

CLICK THIS LINK TO FIND OUT MORE:,%20plans%20and%20policies/Major%20transport%20projects/National%20productivity%20investment%20fund/West%20Harrogate%20-%20Annexes.pdf

Your views sought on funding the police precept in North Yorkshire

See message below from Julie Mulligan, Police and Crime Commissioner for North Yorkshire, sent to our local councillor:-

Dear Councillor

I would like to make you aware of a consultation that I am launching today, requesting the public’s views on the amount they want to pay towards the police precept in North Yorkshire, proposing options to either increase or freeze the amount set for 2018/19.
You may already be aware that it is my responsibility as Commissioner to set the police precept, however, before doing this I think it’s vitally important to find out what residents of North Yorkshire think. Therefore, I would be very grateful for your help in promoting this survey in order to gain as many responses as possible so we can understand the views of our communities.
More information and the survey is available online at, or alternatively paper copies will be on display at police stations, libraries and council offices across North Yorkshire.
Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Yours sincerely

Julia Mulligan, Police and Crime commissioner for North Yorkshire