Local Lotto – Second Winner!

Great News!
We’ve had our second WINNER in the Local Lotto!
Not joined up yet?
You’re missing out on opportunity to support your community and a chance to be a WINNER!

To register and support our fund-raising, go to:

  • www.thelocallotto.co.uk
  • Buy tickets
  • Support a specific cause
  • Almscliffe Villages Community Association
  • Go to Cause page
  • Buy your tickets

We look forward to receiving your support.

St John’s Church, North Rigton

Every six years the Church Electoral Role is dissolved and a new one is created.
Membership of this Electoral Role entitles you to vote at the Annual Parish Meeting and any
extraordinary meetings that might be called to discuss the future of the parish.
The new Church Electoral role is now being prepared. All persons who wish to have their names
entered on the new role are requested to apply for enrolment.
Electoral Role forms are available in St John’s Church, or from
The Benefice Administrator, Mrs Julie Clegg. Tel: 07719 463328.
Completed forms should be returned to the box in the church or to The Benefice Administrator.



You may be aware that the play equipment in the village garden is showing signs of wear. The wooden equipment will soon have to be removed as it does not appear to be cost-effective to repair.
The cost of repair & replacement cannot be met with grants, although we will be attempting to get funding, so the Parish Council will need to find the money to carry out this work.
Hopefully some funding will come from the Gala in June (15th) but we need to find additional sums.

Almscliffe Villages Community Association have agreed to help with the fund raising, and have been accepted and have joined The Local Lotto for this purpose, but we need your help with you taking part in the lotto.

You can support us for as little as £1 per week!

You buy tickets on a weekly basis, with the opportunity to win up to £25,000, and we benefit from the proceeds which will be put back into our community.

All you have to do to support us is go to:
* Buy tickets
* Support a specific cause
* Almscliffe Villages Community Association
* Go to cause page
* Buy your tickets

We can’t do this without you!
Encourage your friends and family to join in.

Carol Singing – Sunday 16th December

Join us at 6.30pm at the
Christmas Tree in the Village Garden, North Rigton where Father Christmas will greet the children and we will begin our Carol Singing.

We will then wander off into the village to serenade the local residents.
Following which we plan to retire to The Square & Compass for some festive refreshments.

Do come along and join us.
Everyone welcome

Carols by Glowstick – Sunday 9 December 2018

“Carols by Glowstick”
Sunday 9 December at 4.00 pm.
in St Barnabas, Weeton.

A family carol for the Benefice of Lower Wharfedale, all are welcome.
Congregational carols interspersed with readings for Christmas, and a small number of carols sung by the “Choir for Christmas”
The service will be followed by seasonal refreshments.

Come and join us “herald the festive season”