North Rigton Covid 19 Support Team – Time to give something back!
Hope you are all well!
As you know over the past 8 weeks the NR Covid 19 Support Team have been around to help out in any way they can and have been out and about doing just that. It’s now your turn to do a good deed.
Harrogate Food Bank needs to replenish its stocks as demand for their 3 day emergency food packs has more than doubled in the last few weeks and they anticipate demand remaining high going forward!
If you are able please raid your cupboards? Do you really need all those bags of sugar? Can you spare a can or 2? Could you pick up an extra bit of something on your weekly shop? At the bottom of the page is a list of suggested items (not an exhaustive list) to give you a steer.
How to donate – rain proof boxes will be located in the rear car park at the Square & Compass between 10am and 8pm on both Tuesday 26th and Wednesday 27th May or if you can’t get out ring one of the Covid19 Team and they’ll arrange collection.
Want more information on Harrogate Food Bank (Tressell Trust) – google them.
We’re still here to help or just a chat if you need us – contact details below.
Please spread the word to your friends and neighbours – we look forward to receiving your donations.
North Rigton Covid 19 Team

• Long life fruit juice
• Long life milk
• Pasta sauce
• Chocolate
• Sponge puddings
• Washing up liquid
• Sugar
• Shower gel
• Shaving foam
• Razors
• Shampoo
(THEY’VE GOT PLENTY OF – Pasta, tea, pulses, jam and toilet rolls!)
No fresh food or opened packets!
North Rigton Covid 19 Support Team
Barbara Massey: 07871 329 702
Candy Waller: 07903 342 452
Sue Reast: 07815 060 359

Download (PDF, 113KB)

North Yorkshire County Council – Countryside Access Service

Here is a report from the North Yorkshire County Council regarding countryside access.

The government has specifically stated that Rights of Way currently remain open, which means that the NYCC Countryside Access Service have no legal basis on which to close any footpath across the network specifically due to the virus. Many landowners have asked the team to close paths that run through their properties, but there is no legislative basis on which to do this.

In very limited circumstances where large numbers of people are using such routes, landowners may:

  • tie gates open if it is safe to do so, so that walkers do not need to touch the gate
  • offer an alternative route around gardens and farmyards only where it is safe to do so (where permission has been gained from relevant landowners and the route is safe for users and livestock) provided that the original right of way is maintained
  • temporarily display polite notices that encourage users to respect local residents and workers by following social distancing guidelines and consider using alternative routes that do not pass through gardens, farmyards or schools

A notice must not imply that there is any doubt about the use of the existing right of way or use of access land.

If a land owner offers an alternative route, they must ensure that it is safe to use and that the existing right of way or use of access land is maintained so that users with differing abilities have a choice.

While signs are not a lawful closure, and people can make their own decision as to whether they want to continue to use the route, you should bear in mind that the landowner has taken this action because they feel there is a risk of transmission.

We would ask that everyone is mindful to people’s concerns and consider avoiding using those paths which pass through gardens and/or pass very closely to agricultural and residential properties if possible. Please remember that the countryside is a working environment as well as a source of recreation.

If a landowner or persons on a property have approached you and you have felt intimidated due to their behaviour and actions, this should be reported to the police. 

It has been noted also that Police posters are appearing on a number of paths (see attached photo). It would appear that these have been issued by local police, but they have nothing to do with NYCC, and do not constitute a formal closure of the path. They are simply polite reminders to be mindful of where you are walking. If you want further information about such a sign that you have seen, I would suggest you contact the nearest police department, as the CAS team have nothing to do with the erection of these signs.

Any path closure issues that are reported to CAS are being logged, and letters sent to landowners to remind them of their duties to keep footpaths open. Once lockdown is lifted, we will send volunteers out to check whether the signs/obstructions have been removed. If they have not, then the team can move straight to enforcement action to ensure this is done immediately.

Parish Council Meetings & Covid 19

Parish Council meetings are normally held in the Village School on the first Wednesday of alternate months, except for August. Due to current Covid-19 restrictions, this is not possible for the foreseeable future. In order to continue to fulfill our responsibilities to the community, the Parish Council has decided (and in line with government approved legislation) that meetings will now be held remotely via Zoom, until social distancing regulations are ended. The agenda for these meetings will normally be restricted to:
– Standing order items
– Finance – review of finances, approval of expenditure, internal audit
– Maintenance, Village Garden (Urgent items only)
– Covid-19 – any points to communicate/actions required, community support
– Planning – responses to applications received and review of decisions
Under normal circumstances residents are welcome to attend all meetings without the need for prior notification, but now anyone wishing to “attend” a meeting will need to notify the Parish Council at least 5 days prior to the meeting for access arrangements to be made. To gain access, contact the Parish Clerk via northrigtonparishcouncil@gmail.com stating your interest.
NB The first of these remote meetings will be held on Wednesday 6th May, commencing at 7.30pm. Future remote meetings will be held on the first Wednesday of alternate months, all commencing at 7.30pm. In line with Government regulations, the Annual Parish Meeting will not now be held, until social distancing regulations are ended.

Weeton Show Online

Baking, Crafts & Pet Show

Easter activities for all the family – Easter Egg prizes!

Free entry – Closing date 15th April

Entries by email to: produceteam@weetonshow.co.uk

Home baking – judged on decoration only – submit photos
Class V1 Pre-school – 4 decorated Easter cupcakes
Class V2 Key Stage 1 – decorated Easter cake
Class V3 Key Stage 2 – decorated Easter cake
Class V4 Secondary age children – decorated Easter cake
NB for classes V1 to V4 decorations do not need to be edible.

Wooden Spoon Celebrity –submit photos of front and back of model.
Class V5 Pre-school children – remember to name your celebrity
Class V6 Key Stage 1 – remember to name your celebrity
Class V7 Key Stage 2 – remember to name your celebrity

Family Pet Class – submitted by video
Class V8 best indoor trick performed by a family pet

Family Craft Class – submitted by photo
Class V9 – home-made scarecrow made using a broom – submitted by photo,
but may also be displayed outside your house to entertain neighbours!

Please include the number of the classes you are entering – eg class V4 – together
with the name and age of the entrant!
NB By submitting an entry, you are agreeing to it being featured on our website and /
or Facebook page, and for your first name to be used.
Easter eggs will be awarded to winning entries in each class.

Download (PDF, 90KB)


Message from Revd Craig Marshall – Rector for Benefice of Lower Wharfedale

Hello everybody,
Yesterday I set up a Facebook Page entitled ‘Lower Wharfedale Benefice Rector’. The link is below.


If you go to the page, you will find messages from me, a video of last night’s Compline and one for this evening too. Please feel free to watch, reflect and pray along should you wish.
For the rest of this Holy Week, you will be able to tune in at 7pm each evening (although material will be uploaded much earlier!) for the following:

Tuesday.                                 Compline
Wednesday.                           Compline
Maundy Thursday.                Eucharist reflecting ‘the Last Supper’
Good Friday.                           Reflecting ‘at the foot of the cross’.
Saturday.                                Service of Light

We hope to organise another zoom service for Easter Sunday.

Orders of service for Good Friday, Saturday and Easter Sunday are below.

For those who are not on Facebook, I will ask those with contact lists to email the Maundy Thursday, Good Friday reflection and Service of Light so that you can enjoy reading them at home.

This comes with my prayers and blessings at this time and look forward to the day when I can greet you in person.


Download (PDF, 89KB)

Download (PDF, 109KB)

Download (PDF, 106KB)

Message from the Village News editorial team

In view of the current situation around Coronavirus, we feel we cannot ask our faithful team to put themselves at risk by walking from house to house to deliver the magazine and we have therefore taken the decision that this issue will not be delivered in the normal way.

You can view or download a pdf version of the magazine through the following link http://www.northrigton.org/?page_id=3346

This was, of course, put together a little while ago and many of the events mentioned will not now be going ahead.


This is a messsage from National Trading Standards

Unscrupulous criminals are exploiting fears about COVID-19 to prey on members of the public, particularly older and vulnerable people who are isolated from family and friends. National Trading Standards is warning people to remain vigilant following a rise in coronavirus-related scams that seek to benefit from the public’s concern and uncertainty over COVID-19.
Members of the public should ignore scam products such as supplements and anti-virus kits that falsely claim to cure or prevent COVID-19. In some cases individuals may be pressurised on their own doorsteps to buy anti-virus kits or persuaded into purchasing products that are advertised on their social media feeds. In addition, some call centres that previously targeted UK consumers with dubious health products are now offering supplements that supposedly prevent COVID-19.
Communities are also being urged to look out for signs of neighbours being targeted by doorstep criminals. While there are genuine groups of volunteers providing help during self-isolation, there have been reports of criminals preying on residents – often older people or people living with long-term health conditions – by cold-calling at their homes and offering to go to the shops for them. The criminals often claim to represent charities to help them appear legitimate before taking the victim’s money. There are genuine charities providing support, so consumers should be vigilant and ask for ID from anyone claiming to represent a charity.
COVID-19 scams identified include:
Doorstep crime

  • Criminals targeting older people on their doorstep and offering to do their shopping. Thieves take the money and do not return.
  • Doorstep cleansing services that offer to clean drives and doorways to kill bacteria and help prevent the spread of the virus.

Online scams

  • Email scams that trick people into opening malicious attachments, which put people at risk of identity theft with personal information, passwords, contacts and bank details at risk. Some of these emails have lured people to click on attachments by offering information about people in the local area who are affected by coronavirus.
  • Fake online resources – such as false Coronavirus Maps – that deliver malware such as AZORult Trojan, an information stealing program which can infiltrate a variety of sensitive data. A prominent example that has deployed malware is ‘corona-virus-map[dot]com’.

Refund scams

  • Companies offering fake holiday refunds for individuals who have been forced to cancel their trips. People seeking refunds should also be wary of fake websites set up to claim holiday refunds.

Counterfeit goods

  • Fake sanitisers, face masks and Covid19 swabbing kits sold online and door-to-door. These products can often be dangerous and unsafe. There are reports of some potentially harmful hand sanitiser containing glutaral (or glutaraldehyde), which was banned for human use in 2014.

Telephone scams

  • As more people self-isolate at home there is an increasing risk that telephone scams will also rise, including criminals claiming to be your bank, mortgage lender or utility company.

Donation scams

  • There have been reports of thieves extorting money from consumers by claiming they are collecting donations for a COVID-19 ‘vaccine’.

Loan sharks

  • Illegal money lenders are expected to prey on people’s financial hardship, lending money before charging extortionate interest rates and fees through threats and violence

People are being encouraged to protect their neighbours by joining Friends Against Scams, which provides free online training to empower people to take a stand against scams. To complete the online modules, visit www.friendsagainstscams.org.uk.
NTS is also issuing urgent advice to help prevent people falling victim to COVID-19 scams through its Friends Against Scams initiative.
Members of the public are being urged to keep in contact with family members regularly and inform them of the most prolific scams and the possible dangers to them. If someone has been targeted by a scam it can be reported to Action Fraud online at www.actionfraud.police.uk/ or by calling 0300 123 2040. For advice and information on how to check if something might be a scam, visit: www.citizensadvice.org.uk/consumer/scams/check-if-something-might-be-a-scam/.

The full press release is available here.