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Car Parking in the village

The Parish Council has received numerous complaints about irresponsible parking in the village. Specifically, these have been parking on pavements, too near to junctions, opposite entrances making it difficult for residents to exit safely on to narrow roads. Of particular concern have been cars parked adjacent to the village garden, on or even blocking the footpath, causing pedestrians (often with pushchairs) to move into the road. Please park responsibly with regard for other road users and pedestrians.



North Rigton Parish Council have some litter-picking equipment available for any individuals or family groups to borrow. We can’t organise our annual group litter picking, and I know that many people have collected rubbish and enjoy doing their bit.
Message me on Facebook with a bit of notice, and collect grabbers and tabards- please bring your own gloves and bags.

*****We need to add that because this is not the ‘official‘ litter-picking event, there is no big collection at the end by the Council, so please collect rubbish in quantities that you can dispose of in your normal refuse bins. *****
Barbara Massey, 7 Saint John’s Drive

To all North Rigton residents:

We are seeking your views and opinions, and would appreciate you reading this letter and responding.

This will enable your Parish Council to lobby and act on your behalf.

Dear Resident,
Your Parish Council has continued to work with other councils and community groups to the west of Harrogate. The group is known as the “Western Arc Co-operation Group” You may have seen a document produced by them which incorporated ideas from cycling and environmental groups, entitled “Campaign for Sustainable Development” It is on the Parish web site at
Your Parish Council have continued with these links and have taken part in discussions with Councillors from NYCC and HBC and with our two MP’s.
The Government Inspector accepted the Harrogate District Plan provisions for new housing, and we have to accept that decision. The Inspector did however insist that a Parameters Plan had to be put in place before any further housing applications could be accepted.
Our group is working with HBC as they develop this Parameters Plan.
We are attempting to ensure that there is community involvement, and it isn’t simply developer led.
There is currently no recognition of the need for any improvement in the transport infrastructure to support the inevitable vehicle movements from these developments. We wish to ensure that agreements are put in place to address the road traffic infrastructure as the area is developed.
1. The suggested Western by-pass will not be pursued as an option. The cost/benefit of this is apparently unsustainable.
2. A new Park and Ride Facility is proposed and likely to be developed in the area around Buttersyke Bar.
3. There is lots of talk of cycle lanes being planned in the area of the Otley Road.
4. There is talk of electric bus services from the new developments to get people into Harrogate.
Traffic movements through North Rigton have already increased:
Traffic movements on Rigton Hill, one day period: November 2011- 1,311 / November 2020 – 1,931
• Erect a Vehicle Activated Signs in appropriate locations to alert drivers of the speed limit in the village.
• Enhance the entrances to the village to attempt to make drivers aware and encourage a reduction of speeds.
• Discuss possible initiatives with residents outside the village envelope.
As a Parish Council we don’t have sufficient funds to spend on major works, and we have no powers to do many things which you as residents may regard as possible solutions. Our only course of action is to continue to lobby, together with other groups in the area to get some changes incorporated into a plan and financed to find solutions to our problems.
The Western Arc Cooperation Group are constantly being asked, “What do you want”
The group doesn’t feel it is our responsibility to offer solutions, but out of frustration have put together a document which outlines some examples of the types of actions which could improve the situation. The suggestions, although not directly affecting North Rigton, could help address the increasing levels of traffic using unsuitable roads.
In general the suggestions cover:
1. More ambitious cycling routes from the new developments along the Otley Road into Harrogate.
2. Several 15-minute bus services from the area into Harrogate, to the Business and Employment zones and a shuttle bus to the proposed Park & Ride on Leeds Road.
3. Improvements on roads in the areas around the new housing to bring them up to a standard and widths suitable for modern vehicles.
4. Small sections of new roads to get around bottle-necks where it is impractical to widen the carriageway.
5. Roads and junctions improved to enable them to accommodate the busses, which should be electric.
6. Closure of some roads in one-direction or making them access only to reduce through traffic.
No one denies that it is inevitable that even more traffic will come through our village we need to consider what we need in our community, with or without any of the above actions.
1. Should another route be developed, as above to allow the traffic from the new developments to the west gain access to the A61 and the A658.
2. Could we improve traffic movements by widening roads and improving junctions?
3. Do we want to upgrade some of the roads in the area to enable the traffic to travel more safely and enable busses to use them regularly.
4. Do we need to propose schemes which will manage or deter traffic from using the route from Beckwithshaw and along Brackenthwaite Lane?
5. Are there any roads which could be made one way only, or access only?
6. Do we want to put traffic calming measures in place in certain areas, like speed humps or chicanes?
7. Would a regular bus service be of any help to our community?
8. Do we want to extend the 20mph speed limit throughout the village?
9. Do we want to reduce the speeds of traffic on approaching roads to 40 / 50 mph
This all comes at a cost.
This is all a NYCC Highways matter and we will have to lobby for any actions. We can do this alone, or we can do it jointly with other groups similarly affected which we hope will have more success.
To continue to lobby and act on your behalf we need to know what you think. We would appreciate you getting in touch.
Please comment on the suggestions above and add your suggestions.
What would you prefer to see happen?
Please write to the Parish Clerk, Mike Richards at
Or speak with one of your councillors who will share your views with the other council members.
Thank you.
Mary Hopkins – Chairman
Barbara Massey – Vice Chairman
Amanda Martyn
Tim Bennett
Lisa Edwards
John Ellacott


Download (PDF, 143KB)

LIGHT UP North Rigton – UPDATE!

Festive Greetings!
We hope everyone has enjoyed a safe and restful Christmas.

We are excited to let you know we have now raised £598 for the Children’s ward at Harrogate Hospital, through LIGHT UP North Rigton! In addition to this Shirley Farrar has kindly donated £300 to the pot from her mask-making fundraising efforts.

We would love to achieve £1,000 as our final total, we are so close! – so can you help with one more push? Please donate if you haven’t already and don’t forget those completed Gift Aid forms to make the most of every penny! If you would prefer to make cash donations, these can be delivered to the letter box in Mary and John Hopkins porch – Hill Top Farm, (off) Rigton Hill. Every little bit helps.

The Trail and Quiz deadlines are 2nd January – so do encourage friends and neighbours to get on board.

Many thanks to you all for your support – the lights have really brightened up these dark winter evenings and together we can feel proud of the money raised for such a great cause.

Warmest wishes
The North Rigton Events Team

To All Residents of North Rigton:

To all residents:

Your Parish Council have been actively working with other groups in the area to lobby HBC and NYCC in an attempt to ameliorate some of the serious consequences of the major developments in the adopted HBC Local Plan.

As you are probably aware up to 4,000 houses are planned for the area to the West of Harrogate.

The Western Arc Coordination Group have produced the attached letter and document which has been sent in hard copy and by email to all our representatives, MPs, councillors, newspapers and other local groups who may be able to exert some influence.

Please take the time to read the documents and help us in our efforts to make a difference by adding your voices to our campaign, either through the group email address or through your Parish Council.

Mary Hopkins


North Rigton Parish Council

Download (PDF, 283KB)

Download (PDF, 2.82MB)

Light Up North Rigton 2020

Let’s dismiss the Covid-19 blues!

As Covid-19 restrictions prevent us from taking part in activities during November, and they will likely be limited in December, why don’t we direct our attentions through a Christmas Light Festival to brighten up our community and in the process help others?

 All you need to do:

  • Display Christmas lights on a tree, in a garden, window or porch at home or some agreed suitable public space e.g. village garden.
  • The more imaginative and creative the lights, the better. They can be in trees, on hedges or …….. let your imagination run wild!
  • IMPORTANTLY, you need to let us know about your display so we can you add you to the FESTIVE LIGHTS TRAIL MAP.
  • Please email:

Deadline for registering your display – 1st December

 Display dates – 7th December – 2nd January

 All participants will also receive one of our famous Christmas Quizzes!

We will request donations, small and large to send to our chosen charity.

If you simply want to follow the trail or receive the quiz, please contact us on the email address above and we will send you the map and quiz together with details of a donation

Almscliffe Villages Community Association

Download (PDF, 701KB)

Painted Stones for Remembrance

Lest We Forget

Painted Stones for Remembrance
North Rigton – November 8th 2020 @ 10.50am (2 min silence at 11am)
Meet at the War Memorial
(social distancing rules to be adhered to)
Please bring a painted stone to lay in remembrance of those who gave
their lives so that we could live ours. Or please just come to share a few
minutes of silence and reflection to show our respect.
Some ideas for painted stones can be seen below. Or maybe you’d just
like to write a message in remembrance of a loved one.

Download (PDF, 1.39MB)