Speed Monitoring Service from 10 January

Speed monitoring device to be deployed on Rigton Hill on 10 January

On Wednesday 10 January 2018, a traffic monitoring device will be installed on Rigton Hill for seven days. The principal function of this device is to measure the speed at which vehicles are travelling but it will also record the number and type of vehicles that are using North Rigton on a daily basis. The data collected by the device will then be used by North Yorkshire road safety initiative known as 95 Alive to recommend what speed control action can be taken.

The monitoring device was previously installed last September but the Parish Council did not believe the results reflected day to day reality due to the positioning of the device and obstructions on Rigton Hill at the time of the survey that caused traffic to slow.

Following Parish Council representation, North Yorkshire County Council road safety experts have been persuaded to carry out a further seven-day monitoring of speeds on Rigton Hill. The timing of this exercise is highly appropriate as on the 8 January an alternative ‘rat-run’ into Harrogate, Burn Bridge Lane will be closed for three months and this will inevitably lead to more traffic using the narrow roads of our village and Parish to avoid the congestion the closure will cause.

North Rigton Parish Council Road Safety Lead Steve Young says that this will be the last chance to formally establish that traffic on the roads of the parish and in particular through the village poses a risk to the safety and quality of life of people who live, work or visit North Rigton. He said: “Those who live in this village know speeding traffic is an issue but the authorities in North Yorkshire will not take any action without evidence. We very much hope that the second deployment of the speed monitoring device will provide that evidence.”

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